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oakland toddler.. missing f more than 24 hours now. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a bizarre twist in the case involving an oakland toddler missing for more than 24 hours right now. these are live pictures from chopper 5 over doolittle park near an oakland marina. investigators are having to work backwards as they attempt to find that girl. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is on assignment. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us though live in oakland where the search for 21-month- old daphne webb is well under way. cate. >> reporter: frank, oakland police brought in their marine unit to search this waterfront area. we're told this is an area where daphne and her father liked to visit. we want to show you, there's a mobile command unit here in place.
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investigators will send in a robot to do an underwater search in addition to the active on the ground search. the primary focus is still locating 21-month-old daphne viola webb say. her father says she was taken from his suv while he was inside a convenience store. daphne was inside the car with her grandmother. police say webb is not now considered a suspect in the case, however, he was arrested for child endangerment because he left his daughter in the car with his mother who has dementia. >> we want to look at all aspects. although we're treating this as a missing persons case, we are also looking at other options. if there's foul play involved, we want to have an open mind, have a very wide scope investigation. >> reporter: still no witnesses have come forward, placing the little girl with her father at the market. but witnesses have described a woman carrying a child matching daphne's description nearby. oakland police say they are
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exploring the possibility that she wasn't even in the car in the first place. >> he left a 21-month-old child, this little girl, daphne webb, in the car with his mother who is 87 years old with dementia. so there are some safety concerns. >> reporter: investigators say they will be working backwards in the case starting from where daphne lived with her father to areas they commonly went. then back to the market. they plan to use search dogs and helicopters as they try to collect more surveillance video and witness accounts. police say that amber alert is still in effect in this case and it's still being treated as a missing person and kidnapping. police did make note that all family members in this have been cooperative. frank, back to you. >> cate, have police been able to get any information from that grandmother, who allegedly was in the car when this happened, right? >> reporter: that's right, frank. and here's where it gets tricky. as you heard oakland police
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mention, the mother has dementia. so police have to take any part of her interview with extreme care and caution. they have to be cautious about it. >> cate caugiran live in oakland on this breaking story. cate, thank you. we have new details in the asiana flight 214 crash. the pilot shedding more light into what he saw as he approached the airport and some frantic 911 calls from passengers seconds after the crash-landing have now been released. runway 28-left was released by the ntsb last night to sfo authorities. all the debris now must be cleared and the pavement repaired before it reopens. as for the burnt-out fuselage of asiana flight 214, that will remain for at least the next few days before being taken apart and stored here in the bay area. >> we're still working in the infield in the grassy area on the airplane, documenting the internal cabin area. we have over 300 seats to document. we're about halfway through. >> reporter: we are learning more about what happened inside
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the cockpit minutes before the crash. 46-year-old pilot lee kuk told investigators he saw a flash of bright light just moments before his approach at sfo. >> we asked him questions about it. was it a laser? he said no. we asked him about whether it could have been a reflection. they asked him if he could still see. he told our investigators that, yes, he could still see. he looked back in the cockpit. he could see the instruments. >> reporter: tapes of the dramatic 911 calls were also released. passengers on the tarmac frantically calling for help. >> okay, where at the airport do you need help? >> we just got in a plane crash and there are a bunch of people who still need help and there's not enough medics out here that need help. there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway, who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. she is severely burned. she will probably die soon if we don't get any help." >> reporter: nearly a week later the crew and some flight attendants went back to korea
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while others are hospitalized in california. and an update now on the passengers from that flight. nine crash survivors still in the hospital including six of the flight attendants. seven are at san francisco general. two children, five adults, three of those patients remain in critical condition. and there are two patients at stanford hospital. one's condition is upgraded from critical to serious. the other patient is listed in good condition. from the first responders the flight crew and even the passengers, we will showcase the heroes of flight 214 in a special tonight at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. an ntsb chairman deborah hersman will hold her final news conference on the crash investigation this afternoon at 2:00 and you can watch that live here on kpix 5. this just in. another twist in the america's cup race. after a jury rules against the regatta director's safety regulations. the new zealand and italian sailing teams were both claiming victory now. they had filed protests against the new safety regulations for the sailboat rudder wings.
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it is now up to the coast guard. we are waiting to hear how this ruling will affect the regatta's racing permit. meanwhile italy's team is expected to make its first appearance in the races later today. in other bay area headlines, a tree fell on two cars on southbound 101 in sausalito. this large eucalyptus took down a caltrans sign and blocked three southbound lanes bringing traffic as you might imagine to a standstill this morning. no drivers were injured. two girls accused of attacking an elderly woman on a muni last month are behind bars. surveillance video shows the suspects punching the woman on the bus and stealing her purses. a anonymous caller recognized one of the teens, gave up her name last weekend. the other suspect turned herself in after seeing herself on tv. closing arguments set to begin shortly in the george zimmerman trial. a judge throws a last-minute curve ball at the jurors. why the defense is calling her proposal outrageous.
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============b r e a k >> and you think your drive to work was rough? commuters in colorado had to deal with this. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. low clouds and fog trying to break up outside. we have a little sunshine but cooler weather to come. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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high at the start of tradin. more tha taking live look at the big board now, and right now the stock market is up in a big way. the dow up 160 points. the dow jumped to a new record high at the start of trading more than 151 points following the fed's announcement yesterday about keeping the stimulus in place. after days of heated debate in a florida courtroom closing arguments are under way today
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in the george zimmerman trial. live pictures from the courtroom. the judge ruled this morning that jurors can consider a lesser charge of manslaughter but to the prosecution's disappointment, a third-degree murder charge was disallowed. the prosecution started his closing argument. zimmerman claims self-defense. investigators in the 50- year-old case of the boston strangler made a major breakthrough today. police say they can finally link physical evidence to the suspect. modern dna technology tidal better desalvo to the murder of mary sullivan back in 1964. desalvo was never convicted of killing 11 boston area women. he was fatally stabbed in prison back in 1973 while serving time or unrelated cases. house republicans say they won't pass a single immigration reform bill. instead they are going to take a step-by-step approach on the issues. that means lawmakers will not take up the senate's bill. republicans are in agreement over the tighter border
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security. but giving citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states is where the parties are divided. >> some people clearly will stay. some people need to be deported for good and valid reasons. and there may be a group of people who become, if you will, long-term guest workers. >> i'm concerned about the delay because, why? why would we delay? why don't we just get about the business of doing a bill? >> republicans don't expect to have a vote on the issue until after their august recess. as investigators work to determine what caused saturday's fiery train crash in a small town in quebec, we are getting a dramatic new look at the devastation in all left behind. you can see charred tank cars littering the ground. the town almost completely leveled. 20 bodies have been recovered. and 30 people are still missing and presumed dead. the railway company's ceo publicly apologized this week. >> i understand the extreme anger. beyond that, i will do -- we'll
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do what we can to address the issues here. we can't roll back time. >> the ceo suggested that the hand brakes on the oil tankers were not properly applied and an germai be responsible. drivers on a colorado highway weren't expecting this roadblock. a massive mud slide, 20 cars stuck in the mess near colorado springs: the highway was short down for crews to clean it up. more than half inch of rain fell in 10 minutes in the area. pigs trying to escape floods in southwest china. there are hanging out. state media reporting a landslide the size of a small town killed 18 people, 100 missing. heavy rains have battered the mountainous regions since monday smashing bridges and buildings and knocking out power to thousands. mother nature is not very happy right now, i guess, right, lawrence? >> no.
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she is always unhappy somewhere. but today in the bay area, not bad. we have some fairly nice typical summer weather. we have some patchy fog out there right now. just beginning to break up in some spots. still, couple of lingering clouds inside the bay but by the afternoon, i think becoming mostly sunny except right out at the coastline. low clouds and fog likely to make a return tonight with some drizzle too. and then some slightly warmer weather as we look toward the weekend. here's a live look over the bay bridge now. you see the clouds just beginning to break up outside and the temperatures warmer inland already. 73 degrees and sunny in livermore. 71 concord. and 72 degrees and some sunshine into san jose. boy, a thick cloud cover rolling in early on this morning wet enough that you had to use your wipers near the coastline but that is starting to break up somewhat now. things changing, though. high pressure heading eastward. southern california seeing monsoonal moisture and rain but we are seeing a cool ocean breeze dropping temperatures around parts of the bay area. around the state 98 fresno, 92
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and thunderstorms in yosemite national park, 64 monterey bay. the clouds likely to linger toward the coastline, then push onshore in through the evening hours and overnight tonight. and likely to see some of that drizzle again tomorrow morning. i think by tomorrow afternoon a very similar day. temperature-wise it will still be comfortable today. 81 san jose. about 76 in fremont. 79 degrees in redwood city. 60s at the coastline. east bay temperatures mainly into the 80s this afternoon. so cooler numbers outside across the board but not bad. a little breezy in through san francisco at 64 degrees and about 62 degrees and cloudy skies into daly city. as we look toward the next couple of days, holding steady maybe some slight warming over the weekend. but really the next five to seven days we are locked into the summer pattern. yup, if you like low clouds and fog, you head to the coastline. you want a little more sunshine and a little more warmth, head inland if you can. >> i think you've done that forecast a couple of times, haven't you? >> a few. and a few more. >> thank you. no, this woman here you see
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hasn't been electrocuted for is she channeling her inner medusa. she is trying to watch her hair in outer space. don't want to -- she is trying to wash her hair in outer space. don't want to miss this, coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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she has a master's degree in education and has won numers state an awards. but as for 23 years wilma grant has been a teacher in san pablo. she has a master's degree in education, has numerous state and school district awards but as kate kelly reports, it's what she is doing in retirements that has earned her this week's jefferson award.
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>> reporter: this is what retirement looks like for wilma grant. >> we need to have snowflakes. >> reporter: when she isn't writing scripts, fitting costumes or organizing parents, she is working with her drama club students at tara hills elementary school on their next big production. >> these children are so stressed out. when they come after school, they can just take their hats off and they can just have a good time. >> reporter: and the kids will tell you, drama club is their favorite time of day. >> i think that it's really fun and it's a place where i get to be myself. >> it taught me how to be confident in myself and it's really, really fun. >> reporter: during her 23 years of teaching k through sixth grades in san pablo, mrs. grant watched art programs disappear with each round of budget cuts. she started the drama club in 1990 committed to her belief that visual and performing arts are crucial to a well-rounded education. >> math, reading, creative
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writing, all of these things that we teach in the classroom can be found right in the performing arts. >> reporter: so she didn't let the drama club end with her retirement. >> i'm so blessed that she's still doing it. yeah. it's amazing. >> reporter: heather wilson was once a student in mrs. grant's plays. now her daughter participates. >> what do you think when you look at that costume? >> it makes me feel old. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these costumes are a small part of what it takes to put on two decades' worth of plays but all of it is a testament to mrs. grant's vision and dedication. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in the school auditorium, now dedicated in her name, wilma grant has put on the nutcracker, oliver, original plays all adapted for the growing number of students participating. it's free and no one is turned away. >> everyone has a talent and gift and i feel good when i can bring that gift to light so everybody can see it. and i think the most beautiful
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thing is, on production nights to see it all come together, to see these children on stage giving it their best, seeing these children supporting each other. they're like a team. >> reporter: a team with a great coach. >> i love miss grant. all the parents and teachers love miss grant. she really, really, really has a big heart for the children. >> i believe the best drama teacher ever. >> reporter: so for her commitment to keeping the arts alive in her community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to wilma grant. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online,, click the logo at the top of the page and then jefferson award. then find the email nomination form there. another cool day in the bay. how about a nice cool treat to go with it? 7-eleven is marking its 86th birthday with its annual free
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slurpee day today. it's the perfect day to celebrate because it's 7/11. you can get your 12-ounce freebie at participating stores between now and 7:00. used to be a slurpee vendor many moons ago. tony tantillo and stephanie join us with a tasty treat. >> with all this beautiful watermelon out there, steph and i decided to make something special. >> we decided to make a pico de gallo. >> i have done it with tomatoes but never watermelons. we are going to put it inside the bowl. what's next? >> add some yellow bell peppers. >> okay. >> orange bell peppers. >> a lot of color in this dish. >> peppers on peppers on peppers and red bell peppers. >> each pepper has its own flavor and texture. >> cilantro which i will be pretty generous with. >> you want to melt it get the juices into the watermelon. reach down in there. >> red onions. >> seeded jalapenos and lime
12:23 pm
juice. >> the lime is the binder. no olive oil. >> there's so much -- watermelon is 100% water so there's already a lot of liquid in here. >> look at this. >> a little bit of salt and pepper. >> and we're all done. >> watermelon pico de gallo stephanie style. thank you, bella, beautiful. this is good. feels squeaky clean right now. >> you thought you had a bad hair day? imagine washing it in outer space! it's a little tricky. we have some tips coming up. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, give our hotline a call 888-5- helps-u. we have some volunteers there right now to take your calls. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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visit asiana flight 214. we'll bring that to you live whent happens. and we'll continueo we are expecting an update this afternoon on the investigation into asiana flight 214. we are going to bring that to you live as soon as it happens here on kpix 5. and we'll continue to follow the search for a missing oakland toddler and bring you that. the latest coming up tonight at 5:00. this is not a video trick. her hair is standing straight up. that is a nasa astronaut. she trying to wash her hair on the international space station. you can check out how water bubbles float away as she tries to get it on her hair. she posted this outer space
12:27 pm
hair wash primer on youtube. >> i take my no rinse shampoo but i think it's best to use a little water with it. >> after shampoo and water she combs her hair and it's voila, all done. it might be clean but it looks how it does before. hair floating straight up. i guess a lot of gals up in space braid their hair so they don't have to -- >> is that right? >> is that a new thing we'll have to worry about? >> why neil armstrong had a crew cut. >> that's the way i would go. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> wyatt: so, liam's getting back together with his wife? >> hope: no. he's just going to see her. >> wyatt: in paris. >> hope: yeah, um... [ sighs ] he can't move on with me until he, you know, figures out why she left, so he's -- he's trying to make things right. >> wyatt: hmm. >> hope: i know. i know how it sounds, but he's really -- i mean, he's not a jerk. he's not. i think -- i think if you met him, you might actually like him. [ chuckles ] >> wyatt: yeah, i don't think so. no, i mean, if he could bail on a woman like you, then there's definitely something that's wrong with him. >> hope: [ scoffs ]

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